Custom Human Resource Solutions

Artistic, boutique human resource consulting firm


Building your  Human Resource (HR) department from the ground up! Whether you have 5 employees or 50 employees you will need to ensure you are compliant and up to date with HR best practices.

Lisa can build your human resources department from the ground up.  She will review your current state and build out an HR model to best fit your business.   

Virtual and on-site Human Resource Coaching

Lisa works with you to improve your current or non-existent HR state. 

Personalized Human Resource approach that addresses your company’s challenges.

Design Employee reviews, Handbooks, Trainings, New hire packets & other HR documents

Assist with your employee relations challenges

Educate HR best practices, HR Audits

Training Human Resource trainings

Recruitment & Retention Recognition, Rewards, Reviews, Job Descriptions & Interviews

Liability – Reduce liabilities with HR Audits, HR Trainings for staff & MGMT.

Customized – Training available upon request.

Remote Retainer fee is an hourly rate with a minimum of 2 hours per week.

Onsite Retainer fee is an hourly rate with a minimum of 4 hours per week. *COVID may impact on-site availability.


Do you have a key employee that has or is interested in becoming your HR Lead? 

 HR training for employees currently managing your admin, serving as your office manager or those you wish to promote to oversee your HR function.  Your key employee starts with Lisa’s Introduction to HR Course, followed by remote and onsite training sessions and continued coaching beyond initial training.

Organize your next team building, workshop, class or create event! 

 If you are a business owner, it is critical that you allow your employees time to focus on something that inspires them beyond your business. Encourage it & reward it. The Arts breath new life into so many – everything from music to theatre to painting. Consider offering onsite workshops or classes, this too is part of health and wellness. It helps with mindfulness and that is more than just a buzzword, it’s real and it is impacting your employees and your business in ways than you may not even realize. Bring in guest speakers to share their love for the arts and how it has influenced their business or job. How about hosting an onsite fair with only works from your employees? If you don’t think your employees are artists, you might be surprised by how many you have on your team. 

Why do this as a business owner? It inspires creativity which results in innovative ideas. It helps the mind get “unstuck” from traditional thinking and it encourages a bit of play for your teams. Teams that play together, stay together. So, it can even help with retention. As an artist for over 20 years, this is a very special component of HR Masterpiece, LLC and why I do what I do in my business. I believe in the value this brings to organizations and employees. It is my passion! 

Lisa will build your creative event around your business and the interest of your employees.  She will conduct an employee survey, reach out to her local network of artists and craftsmen (or a network close to your business if you are outside of CT) and build a custom creative team event for you and your employees.  This may even involve a creative offsite location or if requested it can be held onsite at your business location.  Let’s create something together! Click here to read her article on LinkedIn about getting creative in your business.

Guest Speaker 

Lisa has served as a subject matter expert in such topics as diversity, workforce development, HR and Career Development.  She was a speaker, panelist, and hosted her own presentations for local Chambers. Contact her to serve as your next speaker to educate and inspire your guests and/or team.  See her post about serving as a SME here

For the Aspiring HR Professional, or if you are curious about a career in HR, please see Lisa’s Introduction to Human Resoures Course here