HR Masterpiece, L.L.C. - Your part-time HR solution!

Some of my clients.....
Welcome to a personalized, turn-key approach for your small business (under 100) human resource needs. I help small businesses build their HR departments from the ground up. I am your part-time HR solution!

• Fill-in as your HR professional while you search for your permanent HR professional.
• Provide advice regarding personnel matters, HR best practices, or compliance.
• Serve as your part-time HR professional for your business on a weekly retainer.
• Review and edit your employee handbook.

• Research HR best practices and provide compliance updates.
• Serve as your keynote or speaker on HR related topics.
o Workforce Development
o Networking: LinkedIn & Beyond
o Career Development
o Human Resources for Small Businesses
• Assist with recruiting for your next HR professional.
• I offer weekly/monthly retainer rates or by the Hour
• I provide peace of mind, so you can focus on other areas of your business!

To date, my clients have included:

o ACMT, Inc. - Manufacturing
o U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association - Nonprofit
o Horst Engineering – Manufacturing
o Eastern Connecticut Hematology & Oncology - Health Care
o Miranda Creative - Marketing & Brand Management
o Seabird Enterprises - Nonprofit
o Eastern Savings Bank - Financial/Banking
HR Masterpiece
I have built my services with a creative visual in mind. When I first start a painting, it is a blank canvas. Your business is your blank canvas and you are always adding color (staffing, products, etc.) to differentiate your business from your competition. Each business is its own unique work of art.                                      
Your human resources department is also part of that masterpiece and one of the most important as it touches every aspect of your business, including your bottom line!
Let's paint something unique together that puts you out in front of your competition!
Some HR Experience
(A Little Color) 
Recommended Services
Monthly Retainer: Set rate for on-site visits once a month for four - six hours to work on any HR related projects or training for existing staff. This is a contracted rate for a period of three months.
Formal HR Dept. ​​
(Work Overload)
Recommended Service:
Hourly Rate: Purchase help as needed on an hourly basis. This project based hourly rate may work best for you. Price will depend on the project scope. This is a month by month contract. It is perfect for short-term projects to assist while HR out on FMLA or needs temporary assistance.
Complete the Masterpiece!
On-going training helps to ensure compliance.
No formal HR (Blank Canvas)
Recommended service:
On-going presentations or training sessions to fit your training needs. Tell me your need and I can provide a training plan based around your business needs. 

Weekly Retainer:  Set rate for on-site visits once a week for four hours to work on any HR related projects or provide HR training for existing staff. This is a contracted rate for a period of three months. 

  1. Talent Management
    Talent Management
    Recruitment & Retention Best Practices, Behavioral Interviews, On-Boarding, Employee Relations, Multi-generational Workforces, Emotional Intelligence, etc.
  2. HR Compliance
    HR Compliance
    Federal & CT employment laws, Employee handbooks, Terminations, Documentation, Employee Files, etc.
  3. HR Marketing
    HR Marketing
    HR Marketing is a huge part of attracting & retaining employees. Social media sites, Websites, Newsletters, Employee/Company event planning, etc.
  4. HR Research
    HR Research
    I have a master's in organizational psychology and researched organizational justice, change management, manufacturing, personality tests, etc.
  5. Community Partners
    Community Partners
    I have had the privilege of working with some of the best community partners in the area! I can connect you to training funding, health & wellness programs, benefits, etc.
  6. HR Training
    HR Training
    HR training/coaching for employees and executives. Private one-on-one or group presentations.
Call me today for your free phone consultation. Let's see how we can work together and create your vision for your company's HR Masterpiece!
Lisa M. Sanders
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HR Career Coach
HR Career Coach - Would you like to receive guidance from an expert in human resources that built a career in HR "from the ground-up" or are you looking to form your own HR consulting service?  Perhaps you are currently an administrative assistant and want to pursue a human resources career, but not sure where to start?  Maybe you feel stuck in your current role and want to learn more about HR careers or perhaps you have an HR career and feel stuck. I am available to help you begin or advance your HR career!  Let's have coffee or let's create your career path vision board together while we chat! Contact me to learn more!


One-on-One career coaching advice for one hour and of course,  a cup of coffee! 

Contact me for details and available dates/times.

One-on-One career coaching advice as we create your career path vision board together in my art studio - a little creative spark can ignite your career goals! 

Contact me for details and available dates/times.