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 Welcome to a personalized, turn-key approach for your small business human resource needs. I have spent over ten years in the HR field and I’m certified by the Society for Human Resource Management and the Human Resource Certification Institute.  I earned my M.S. in Organizational Psychology at the University of Hartford and I’ve found this degree to be the perfect marriage for HR.  The certifications and practical experience guides me in policies/procedures, documentation, labor laws, etc. However, it is the organizational psychology background that serves as a guidepost to understanding the behaviors that drive the business culture and climate. 
I have over ten years of human resources experience.  For the last five years, I have worked in the aerospace manufacturing sector serving as an HR Manager and most recently as the HR Director.  Prior to that my experience includes recruitment & retention in geriatric homecare and the non-profit sector.

During my time at the University of Hartford my research focused on organizational justice and recruitment and retention.  My capstone completed in 2014, "Applying Change Management Strategies to Recruitment & Retention in Manufacturing" is something that is still relevant in my daily work and drives some of my thoughts on best practices such as; diversity, inclusion and multigenerational workforces. 

I am a firm believer in the DiSC Personality Assessment to better understand oneself and your team.  It is a scientifically validated instrument and I highly recommend it for all organizations. I work with teams to educate them on the value of this assessment as it pertains to teambuilding and walk them through understanding the details of the assessment.

Now, you might be wondering, what's with the name?  Why HR Masterpiece?  HR is one of my passions and another is painting.  I am a visual artist and I've had an art business for over seventeen years, Flower Branch studio.  I've sold over 1000 paintings to date and I believe that our life is our masterpiece. We control the brush and we choose the colors for our blank canvas.  As my client, you have your own masterpiece (your business) that you are creating and I am simply here to guide the completion.  Let me assist you in creating something special for your business using the knowledge and experience that I've obtained over the years combined with the vision of an artist.   Together, we'll build your human resource department from the ground-up with an eye towards a more holistic approach for you and your team!
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