Let’s Talk Shop! Onboarding & Your WHY

Let’s Talk Shop! I want to address “Onboarding” for a moment. That’s the opportunity to show your new employee your WHY. This is WHY we do what we do. This is WHY our mission was born. This is WHY our customers choose us. This is WHY we hired you to support our mission, serve our customers and be part of our WHY.

If your new hire can’t see their WHY in your organization….you’ve already lost them on day one.

Employees need to be shown WHY they are so critical to your mission from day one. They need to know what they do, day in and day out…matters AND how that work ties into your mission. They need to be reminded of how their work fits in with the larger picture. WHY they are critical to your success.

After onboarding, you are not done. You now move into retention!

Stay tuned….I’ll discuss my thoughts on that in my next “Let’s Talk Shop” Blog.

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