HR Masterpiece visited Silicon Valley’s Tech Companies: LinkedIn, Google & More!


This was by far one of the most exciting programs hosted by SHRM that I attended. We went to the LinkedIn Headquarters, Google Headquarters and visited several other top tech companies in the Silicon Valley. We heard from the leadership in all of them about their organization’s missions, philosophies and HR practices.

As an HR consultant, business owner and certified HR professional I constantly seek ways to keep up my certification credits while at the same time bring that knowledge back to the companies I work with and serve.

Let me know how I can help your company! Are you looking for ways to cut costs? Are you struggling with team building? Or maybe, you don’t have an HR professional at all. Perhaps you have an admin assistant managing your HR or you are having to manage all of that as a small business owner. I can help and even provide the HR training to your staff.


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