Helping small businesses create a customized Human Resource Masterpiece to address their unique business challenges. Creating a positive impact through employee relations and improved communication.

Let’s create something together!

mission statement

HR Masterpiece, LLC seeks to deliver a customized human resources approach providing creative solutions for small businesses to help meet their HR challenges. The aim is to help build their HR from the ground up. A blank canvas to a completed masterpiece! This mission includes a holistic and strategic approach using HR best practices to help small businesses achieve their goals through human capital. Creating a postive impact through employee relations and improved communication. 



Lisa’s specialty is human relations and she provides mediation between team members and/or executives and employees.  

She serves as an employee advocate and an executive coach with the goal of achieving better communications and understanding between all.

She also provides handbook assistance.  Many handbooks today are digital and Lisa can assist you with creating a hardcopy and/or digital handbook. 


Assistance with building your HR from the ground-up!  Lisa’s specialty is employee relations. 

Employee relations focuses on creating and delivering people practices that develop – and maintain – positive working relationships between an organization and its people.

Improving your current HR state.


Lisa coaches HR employees to help them develope in their human resources role.  

She also works with key employees within small companies to help them develop and grow in their HR role within the organization.

Do you have a key employee that has or is interested in becoming your HR Lead? 

blank canvas

New for 2021!  Lisa is offering a Human Resources Coaching service to provide entry level training and exposure to a career in HR.  She works with small business employees that are tasked with HR duties or new to managing human resources.  She serves as your personal human resources coach!